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Merkuriusz Polski dzieje wszystkiego świata w sobie zamykający dla informacji pospolitej. Od 3 stycznia 1661.
sobota, 15 Czerwiec, 2024 - 00:03

Pora na strategię obrony przed możliwą wojną. Propozycja zgłoszona redakcji i wysłana dalej..

czw., 19/01/2023 - 13:36

Letter: It is time to split the EU in 2.  Time for Latexit; Litexit, Baltexit; Slovexit; Polexit; Bulgexit, Estonexit, Czechexit, Hunexit; Romexit. Time to create another union of independent states. 

Let us create the Easterneuropean Union, restore the forgotten "Lekija".
Let us divide the EU into 2 separate parts


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Two days ago I was informed about plans and tactics of the coming war that should start with Polish parliamentary elections or around this time. I run the Polish News Agency and I want You to use the little knowledge I gathered in order to avoid the conflict as much as possible.  


The European Union turned out to be ruled by an army of at least 6,5 thousand lobbyists of which 3,2 thousand have the entry permission to the EU offices (some say that there are 30 thousand lobbyists around the EU compound). Working in the media I am shocked that new draconian EU laws on information censorship in the media were not even consulted with us the media. The European Commission started a fight with small independent media companies and works with bigtech on suppressing freedom of information. Cases of genocide are being gaslighted, dissidents are called "fringe epidemiologists" like in the case of "Great Barrington Declaration (GBD)". 


A drastic change is needed.  We in the Eastern European part of the EU fought against totalitarianism to gain freedom of speech. The western part of the European Union turned out to be totalitarian when it comes to the freedom of speech that we fought for. Newly imposed EU laws legalised bigtech censorship unseen since the fall of the iron curtain. 


Now is the time to do a quick split. To nicely and swiftly say "goodbye". To do Latexit; Baltexit; Slovexit; Polexit; Bulexit, Estoexit, Czechexit, Hunexit; Romexit and so forth and so on. 


The European Union is a road to serfdom. Corruption won: after buying mrna "vaccines" for 71 billion(?), even the husband of the head of the EU  was accused of working for Orgenesis, a US based company owned by vaccine/ mrna producer. The EU cooperates with huge "vaccine"/mRNA investors like Google- to fight negative opinions on these products. The whole system is rotten to the bone. The European courts and prosecutors do not work as supposed and are not really independent from the Commission. Lobbyists run EU transport policy in order to support change of business from small businesses towards large companies. Local small and medium sized businesses mostly closed -small businesses collapsed in my area since the EU accession. All extensive public transport networks vanished in most areas of Poland with bus stations being demolished and sold out in most Polish cities. Towns americanised due to one sided stream of money devoted to kill neighbourhood shops. Money from the EU was spent to create infrastructure for market takeover from local businesspeople.  


Let us stop it now and forever. I propose to revive the ancient half-mythical Lechia, Lekia, Lekija, Lechija, as the Eastern-European federation was known in the past. 



Yours faithfully

Adam Fularz, Polish News Agency, Polish Media Owners Association, Poland.


Letters as attachments:

18 December 2022 21:24
To: MFA Spokesperson 
Good afternoon.

What is Poland's strategy to avoid a war conflict and not repeat the mistakes of the past?
I am very quietly proposing what a reader told me today and it was he who reported someone's idea.  He described the construction of his own camp of geopolitical power, a kind of second European Union, only with its capital in Warsaw.  It would unite the former post-communist countries as a kind of counterweight to other blocs, e.g. Anglo-Saxon ones. It would unite the former post-communist countries into a kind of European Ostbloc Union. The source of this tentative thesis is a winning strategy- supposedly discovered by gamers in a geopolitical simulation game-the only strategy to avoid losing for Poland in a geostrategic game called "Hearts of Iron IV". A Youtuber gamer with the name or nickname Kalach (Kałach) on his channel discusses various mods and strategies of "Hearts of Iron" including the one strategy in which Poland has the least problems during the Second World War. At the time, together with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Romania etc. in this strategy built a block between the superpowers that turned out to be so deterring (distant?) that it changed the conditions of the geopolitical game.
I am not familiar with this game just describing what was reported to the editor.
Adam Fularz
Zielona Góra Dol. Ziel. 24a 
Translated with (with minor changes)



To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Proposal to split the European Union into two parts

Adam Fularz <
Thursday 15 December 2022, 06:47
To the Spokesperson

Good morning.  
Mr Spokesman you avoided me at the press conference that you would give answers later. I have an interesting topic because I am tired of being intimidated and terrorised e.g. by teams from Google, Google Jigsaw, by bigtech. Have you been to their press conference? It's a climate straight out of North Korea.  "Bad" questions are muted. Rules and regulations are blocked for copying. Questions are not answered by anyone. These terrorists are terrorising us, and I propose to you that we defend ourselves against this terrorism. How?  By splitting the European Union into two parts.  One part with the capital in the eastern part of the EU.  Greetings

---------- Message forwarded to ----------
From: Adam Fularz 
Date: Thursday, 15 December 2022
Subject: concerning a complaint about companies from other continents taking control of the media market in the European Union
To: Complaints 

From: Adam Fularz 
Date: Wednesday, 14 December 2022
Subject: complaint about control of the media market in the European Union by companies from other continents.

To: KRRiT councillors

Good afternoon.
I used to have a social network.  A search engine and over a hundred local web portals.  
For some time now I have been terrorised by the internet censors of bigtech companies.  I have the impression of living in a country occupied - for the time being still by media from other countries -what more- from other continents.  
I found: "an interview with Tomasz Jażdżyński, CEO of Gremi Media, in Rzeczpospolita" dated 17 January. In it we read, among other things, this opinion: "... Europe today is a digital colony, European governments can do little about it now. The world's largest technology companies are creating a functional internet infrastructure on which a significant part of business and virtually all of its most attractive branches are based." - reports Sdp.Pl

I complain that it has come to this. I propose that the European Union be divided up so that a smaller group can defend itself against this.  
Let us not surrender freedom of speech to companies from other continents. They intimidate us and terrorise us directly by introducing terror into the online media market against selected groups of victims.
Adam fularz

Merkuriusz Polski
Polish News Agency